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What is rug hooking?

Traditional Rug Hooking is thought to be an original craft/art form indigenous to the New England /Maritime region, yes Canada is included . Thrifty women and men would take a burlap feed sack or old linen, draw a pattern upon it  and then use old clothing , old blankets or other types of worn fabric and hook them into the rug.  Remember this was well before there were rug factories in North America. Our ancestors were pretty thrifty and made do with what they had. 

Hand Dyeing is so much fun and addictive! There are many great books on the subject. What I love is that I can collect many different colors of wool from thrift stores and dye them in the big pot on the stove to marry them, even if all I can find is grey wool I can still have many colors. I love to experiment with dyes mixing different colors over top of factory dyed wool to make something different that no one else has. White wool has so many possibilities by hand dying you can control all aspects of your creation.

Why would you 'hand-dye' wool?

I like to think that I can carry on the original idea of Rug Hooking when I find a 100% wool  skirt, shirt or pants that I can wash , cut up and hook into my project. These items that I find in the thrift stores or tag sales can also be over dyed to improve the color. No, I do not always use repurposed wool but I do as often as I can. Wool clothing to repurpose is getting harder to find!


What is repurposed wool?

Easy!  You can call me, send an email, or submit a comment via this website.  All of the information can be found under the 'Contact' tab in the menu above.


How do I contact you with a question?

I do not currently have a brick and mortar store.  However, you can find a listing of what I have for sale on this website, under 'Storefront'.  I use an Etsy storefront for all of my sales, so you know they are secure.

Do you have a retail store I can come to?

Hookers are very friendly and willing to share their information. Check out the internet for local rug hooking groups or teachers. 

"Rug Hooking Magazine" has a wealth of information for the beginning to experienced hooker. 

I'm interested in trying to hook.  How do I start?




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