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 This Page is dedicated to my Mothers hooked Rugs

Roughly 50 years of hooking!



About Irene

Irene ,Nana to most of us, has done so many types of hooking projects, from pillows to wall hangings, rugs and Teddy bears.

Most of them have been from Pearl McGown, Fraser (way back when they were in Manchester ,Ct. she was there quite often),Joan Moshimer ,Happy DiFranza and a few others.  She has given quite a few rugs as gifts and still has more rugs than she has floor space!

At the age of  89 she still hooks almost everyday and finds great pleasure in putting together the bright vibrant colors that are her signature. There are more hooked projects that she has done than are on this page, both of my sisters have rugs that are yet to be photographed, such a hooking legacy.  Mom has now passed on, April of 2018, we will miss her love and artistic encouragement.

This Eagle is the first rug she completed in the 60's, with teacher Ethel Bruce

These are the rugs she is currently working on. I hope she will do a few more of my rugs too.

My mother made this for my Dad for Valentines Day 1999, the only man she ever loved. Well, except for her five grandsons!

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